The United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries Association (UMCRM) is a membership organization open to all who share our mission:
Committed to the mission of the United Methodist Church, UMCRM resources, advocates, inspires, and networks to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of camp and retreat ministries.

UMCRM seeks to provide support and benefits in addition to the excellent resources currently provided by UMC Discipleship Ministries through its resource person, Kevin Witt.

Formerly the National Camp & Retreat Committee (NCRC), the UMCRM Association was formed in 2013 with the vote of confidence and pioneering spirit of our Charter Members. As a member Association we intend to be a more agile and creative organization to respond to the changing needs of our ministries, our denomination, and the world in which we serve.

UMCRM Board of Directors

The majority of our United Methodist camps and retreat centers relate to an Annual Conference. Annual Conferences are grouped into 5 regional Jurisdictions. UMCRM Directors are elected by camp & retreat ministry peers from their Jurisdiction for 4-year terms, renewable once.

Board Member Job Description

Western Jurisdiction: Lisa Jean Hoefner (2015-19) Kelly Peterson (2011-2019) Event Chair (2013-15), Board Chair

North Central: Ian Hall (2009-2017) Treasurer Sarah Ratz (2015-19)

South Central: David Combs (2015-17) Joel Wilke (2015-19)

Northeastern: Jessica Gamache (2015-19) Member Services Chair David Riddell (2013-17) Secretary

Southeastern: Russell Davis (2013-2017) Vice Chair Gary Lawson (2011-2019), Education Chair

At-Large: Five (5) At-Large Directors are appointed for diversity and expertise.
Additionally, there are two Youth At-Large Directors. Sharon Godbolt (2014-2018) Cat Holbert (2011-2017) Event Chair (2015-17) Arthur Spriggs (2015-19) Development Chair

Ex-Officio: Kevin Witt is the UMC Discipleship Ministries staff person relating to Camp and Retreat Ministry.


In 2015 the Board elected to launch a new committee structure to carry out the Association’s work. These committees are currently accepting members:

Membership and Member Services – Chair:  Jessica Gamache
The Membership and Member Services Committee creates valuable services for Association members, communicates that value to and recruits prospective members, and provides for Association member care.

Education – Chair:  Gary Lawson
The Education Committee provides direction and input for the full spectrum of educational needs of Association members including the UMCRM Certification program, Sustainable Pathways, webinars in collaboration with Discipleship Ministries, National Gathering workshops, professional coaching and internships/apprenticeships. Event

Design Team – Chair:  Cat Holbert
The Event Design Team creates and implements the National Gathering, the primary education, training, professional and spiritual development, worship, fellowship, renewal event for all involved in United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministry.

Development – Chair:  Arthur Spriggs
The Development Committee coordinates and ensures implementation of the fundraising activities of the Association. Members of this committee must have an understanding of best practices of development and have experience fundraising in the camp and retreat ministry context, including branding, case statements, annual fund, endowments, and evaluation.


Jen Burch

In Spring 2013 the NCRC contracted with Jen Burch to serve part-time as Charter Member Registrar and Coordinator of Communications for the Association. Jen continues to serve as Association Administrator on a contract basis.

Communications Team

This volunteer team was recruited for their expertise in communications, graphics, and social media. They are asked to contribute 2-4 hours per month and to serve 2-year renewable terms. Those interested in volunteering in Communications should contact Jen Burch.

(June 2013-May 2015)

Ashley Cross

Cameron Jones

Joan Thorsen

Mark Walz


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