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Read more below on the impact your generosity can have in the lives of those who attend and work our camp and retreat centers.

Give to the Legacy of Leadership Fund

As a camp and retreat leader, you play a pivotal part in providing genuine Christian hospitality and community. Thank you for your passion and willingness to extend yourself for the benefit of others.

Every cent you contribute is matched up to $25,000 and goes to Camp & Retreat; not one cent of you gift is spent on administration.

The Legacy of Leadership Annual Fund strengthens Camp and Retreat Ministries of The United Methodist Church by creating an ongoing legacy of passionate and prepared leaders.

It provides essential educational funding that enables staff and volunteers serving in leadership positions within UM Camp and Retreat ministries to attend key training and spiritual growth opportunities. This training greatly enhances their missional and operational effectiveness, which leads to a strong future of transformational Christian ministry that significantly impacts the lives of thousands upon thousands of people. The fund targets support to those leaders who could not otherwise afford to participate in training.
It opens new opportunities for participation and significant leadership by persons from communities currently underserved, including a wide variety of ethnic groups and emerging camp/retreat ministries in the U.S. and other nations.
It assists in the development of new resources used by more than 220 Camp and Retreat Ministries serving close to 1 million persons annually, so the leaders of these centers and ministries can tap into best practices and adaptive change needed to focus and fulfill our Christian mission in ever-changing contexts.

The Benefits: UM Camp and Retreat Ministries

Provide Sacred Places Apart, where close to 1 million people come annually away from their normal responsibilities to settings dedicated by the church to help them open themselves to the deeper meaning of their lives, including an expanding connection with God.

Nurture Christian faith & discipleship through milestone experiences focused on the life, teachings and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the loving grace of God. Many persons point to faith-based camps and retreats as important catalysts in decisions of faith as well as sparking continued growth as disciples.

Extend Christian hospitality & community by welcoming the stranger and helping very different people learn to live in community and to love one another. Camps and retreats give people a unique and dynamic opportunity to practice the central teaching to love God, to love themselves, and to love others.

Develop principled spiritual leaders who gain leadership skills through hands-on opportunities to learn by actually leading themselves. Using the active setting of camps and retreat centers and experiential learning methodology, people discover gifts within themselves that they can share to enrich life in the world as servant leaders. Many clergy and laity discern calls to ministry and grow in spiritual leadership, too.

Partner with United Methodist churches & agencies to support the vision God has given to local congregations as they discern priorities for their ministries and intentionally grow in vitality as well as supporting the good work of other agencies fulfilling their roles within the major emphases of the denomination.

Teach Creation Care and Appreciation as a vital aspect of Christian faith and discipleship. It is no accident that the church has placed its camp and retreat centers in the midst of nature because the creation speaks of the Creator. God communicates through the great diversity of life around us and declares the whole creation to be of sacred value and good. In addition to the spiritual growth gained, it is also an opportunity to learn new ways to care for the planet as part of Christian discipleship.

Inspire and equip persons for lives of love & justice, which is central to the mission of The UMC to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This emphasis also includes hosting and working with a great diversity of faith-based and nonprofit groups beyond The UMC in order to help them fulfill the great good they are doing.

High Priority Funding Needs 2014-2015

Build the Legacy of Leadership Endowment Fund — Goal: $25,000
Having a portion of the Legacy of Leadership Fund endowed is very important to assuring that essential scholarships and training support will continue long into the future. Growing this portion of the fund increases the amount available year after year through the earnings of the endowment.

Develop Expanded Resources Needed by All — Goal: $12,000
This fund assists with development of new resources needed by all leaders within the ministry across the denomination. In addition to the 4,000-5,000 full and part-time staff, a large contingency of dedicated volunteers estimated at 20,000 persons plays a huge role. The best way to deliver this wide-reaching training is by webinars, YouTube training videos and other internet based technologies that are creating a growing library of training that leaders can access and use constantly. In addition, downloadable documents for each E-Training are needed.

Increase the Number of Ethnic Persons Serving in Leadership within UM Camp and Retreat Ministry — Goal: $20,000
The dramatic demographic changes with a very large increase in ethnic persons and communities within the regions served by camp and retreat ministries calls for an intentional, concerted effort to develop leaders from these communities to help shape camp and retreat experiences that will meet the needs of these groups. It is essential that our leadership reflect the communities we serve and also provide support for emerging Methodist camp and retreat ministries in other countries.

Triple the Amount of Advanced Training Scholarships — Goal: $18,000
The cost of academic courses for Camp and Retreat Ministry Certification, the cost of regional training events, and emerging online training is significantly higher than 10 years ago. Simultaneously, continuing education funding has declined for many centers and conferences. It is vital that we meet this need if we are going to have a legacy of passionate, highly skilled spiritual leaders for these essential ministries. This fund also assists with the development of key resources needed by the leaders of these ministries.

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