Food Services Coordinator – Camp Indianola, WA

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Food Services Coordinator

Accountability: Directly responsible to Camp Director

Wages, Hours, and Benefits: $23/hour. This amount is annually reviewed and adjusted to reflect increased cost of living. Hours are variable, determined by the needs of guest groups.

During the off-season (September through mid-June), most guest groups require meals Friday through Sunday (dependent on group needs, this may average approximately 20 hours per week. During the summer camp season (mid-June through August), food service is often need every day (this becomes a full-time position). No benefits are provided beyond what is required by state and federal law. Continuing Education opportunities will be made available whenever possible. Worker’s Compensation is provided to cover job-related accidents and injuries. Staff member is responsible for all medical expenses due to illness.


1. Articulate the mission, vision and values, serving as representative of Camp Indianola’s ministry in all instances, in both word and deed.

2. Design a high quality menu of meal options, including options for multiple types of user groups and alternative diets; emphasizing healthy, balanced, and appetizing meals; and, to the degree possible, emphasizing seasonal ingredients, locally sourced/raised food, camp-grown food, and regionally farmed vegetables, fruit, and meat. [with Camp Director]

3. Order and inventory ingredients, paying especial attention to quality of food, freshness, and rotation of foods to minimize food waste, while staying within the annual budget [with Hospitality Coordinator]

4. Keep kitchen clean and in good working order [with Facilities Manager] 5. Select necessary kitchen equipment to order, keeping within the annual budget [with Camp Director]

6. Hire [with Camp Director], schedule, and manage assistance kitchen workers when necessary.

7. Attend weekly staff meetings

8. Know and follow regulations governing kitchens and food service as published by various regulatory agencies

9. Operate the food service area according to International Association of Conference Center Administrators standards.

10. Determine quantities to be cooked and handling of leftovers

11. Be prepared to meet special guest needs: snacks, receptions, etc.

12. Responsible for efficient, safe and sanitary storage of all supplies

13. Oversee daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cleaning schedules for kitchen and dining room

14. Maintain all kitchen equipment

15. Work with the Camp Director to plan and maintain annual budget and food cost.

16. Other duties as assigned. Note: These are exemplary duties only and the staff member agrees that the assembly functions as a total unit in which all staff share alike in contributing to its smooth operation. Staff members may be assigned responsibilities across job description lines.

Job Requirements: • Committed to Camp Indianola’s mission • Able to lift 30 pounds and carry it 25 feet • Able to lift 25 pounds and place on a shelf 3 feet high or put in and out of a freezer • Able to be on feet 8 or more hours per day • Physical strength and mobility to accomplish tasks such as loading, lifting, kneeling and working with arms over head • Able to read, understand and follow instructions and operational manuals • Are self motivated and self directed • Possess knowledge and experience of food service management, equipment and services • Meet local health department requirements for working in the area of food service (i.e., TB shots, food handlers license) • Ability to provide first aid and to assist campers, guests and staff in an emergency. Desired Qualifications: • Two or more years of experience in commercial food service or related area • Ability to function well under pressure • Ability to manage others effectively and compassionately • Enjoys working with children and youth • Basic computer experience, with the ability to learn to use new programs Additional Beneficial Qualities: • Creativity in menu design • Enthusiasm about providing “culinary hospitality” to guests with dietary restrictions • Excitement about working with fresh, local, and home-grown food. • Interest in engaging children and youth in education about food, as a part of a holistic environmental education program • Passion about food justice issues

Contact Name Colin Cushman
Job Category Food Service
Job Type Part Time – Year Round
Application Instructions Submit cover letter, resume, and references to Colin Cushman at
Application Deadline February 15, 2020
Location Indianola, WA

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