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The assistant director will work closely with the director with the goal of taking over from the current director. The position is full-time during the months camps are scheduled, typically June through August, and part-time the rest of the year. The assistant director is expected to be at camp most of the time during the months camps are scheduled. Housing and meals are provided at the camp during those months.  

The current Director will train the assistant director in the areas of administration, staff and volunteer recruiting, grounds and building maintenance, vehicle and equipment maintenance, hospitality, food service, health and safety, required regulations and standards, schedule and support camp programs, the camp turnover process, and opening and closing of the site.  

Qualifications for the ideal candidate:  1.  Administrative or supervisory experience. 2.  Willingness to reflect on personal needs in core areas of accepted camp management practices and be willing to attend professional development workshop, institute, seminar, or course, within the next two years to address the need (s) or present plans to address such  need(s). 3.  Ability to work at a remote location and live on-site without access to phone service nor television and limited internet access. 4.  Is at least 25 years old .  

Responsibilities and Accountability:  The Assistant Director is an employee of the Camp and Retreat Ministries Team of the Oregon Idaho Conference. The assistant director shall work under the supervision of the Site Director. The assistant director shall have the responsibility of assisting with and overseeing the total camp operations and will adhere to policies set by the Camp and Retreat Ministries Team. The assistant director shall aid in establishing sacred spaces of Christian hospitality and learning consistent with our mission statement. The assistant director shall work toward the fulfillment of the mission among staff and guests, endeavoring to create a loving, cooperative staff team focused on ministry. 

Application Instructions:  Please visit our website GoCamping - Homepage for more information regarding the United Methodist Church Camp and Retreat camping programs. Please submit your letter of interest and resume to 

Application Deadline:  August 1, 2023