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Classification: Full Time, Salaried $37,500-$42,500 depending on experience and assigned benefits


Health Insurance

12% of total wages invested in retirement account by Camp Magruder

Housing potentially available based on situation, footsteps from the Pacific Ocean

3 Weeks Vacation, and greater flexibility with time off during swing seasons

Free meals whenever food is served to guests

Being part of a supportive staff community doing good in the world

Reports to Camp Director

Position Mission: To best serve guests and staff with the up-to-date knowledge of how camp is using and receiving resources.

Position Purpose: To oversee a majority of financial record keeping and documentation for the camp as well as certain personnel documentation, and communicating that information to the proper parties.

Essential Job Functions:

Manage Payments To and From Camp

Receive, document, and deposit payments from guest groups

Authorize payment of camp bills

Follow-up on delinquent accounts

Investigate potential mistakes in billings


Log all camp monetary transactions using accounting software

Balance financial accounts monthly and send reports to Conference Office

Keep paper copies filed and organized where necessary

Collect Receipts from staff members as they spend to scan and file

Check camp accounting against Conference Office reporting monthly

Communicate Documentation to Conference Office

Send Employee File Documents

Send Incident Reports and Insurance Claims

Generate Reports

Use camp registration and accounting software for reports to Camp and Conference Offices

Financial Reports

Usage Reports

Population Reports

Reports will be of particular importance to the Conference Office at year end and during each year’s voluntary audit (usually in the Spring)

Tracking Fundraising and Grants and their allotment

Collaborating with Camp Director to maintain records of donations/grants received

Assigning project spending categories as donation/grant money is spent

Reporting to Conference Office where Designated Gifts are spent

Increase efficiency of finance management

Develop ways to streamline accounting process without sacrificing security or quality of reporting

Consistently explore new advances in financial reporting in new practices and new software

Consider new, developing methods for payment and sales

Create detailed directions regular accounting tasks and update them as processes and technology change

Manage Cash Flow for Camp Store

Keep Cash Box Stocked with Appropriate Amount of Change

Manage Daily Reports of Camp Store Sales when Camp Store is Open

Work Camp Store Window When Needed

Manage Location and Security of Cash Box and Tablet Designated for Sales

Other Duties:

General Shared Office Functions

Answering Phone, routing calls

Fielding Questions from Visitors

Periodic Office Tidying

Checking Mail

Order office supplies and equipment

Periodic Guest Group Hosting

Serve as primary contact for Groups during their stay

Be available, predominantly onsite during groups’ stays

Give welcome talk with general camp information

Oversee group during mealtime, coordinating set-up and clean-up

On call in the evenings in case of emergency

Guide group through clean-up, check-out

Close down lodges after group leaves

Staff Meetings

Attend weekly staff meetings

Submit reports at meeting when necessary

Occasionally lead meeting

Assist with Check-in/Check-out during Camp Magruder Program Weeks

Assist Summer Staff with Set-up of Check in/Check out area

Be Available to Answer Questions, Welcome Guests

Where Necessary Guide Table Staff in Difficult Questions

Serve as Runner Between Office and Check in/Check out Tables

Work with Director and Program Director to Troubleshoot Unexpected Issues

Receive, Store, and File Important Items from Check-in/Check-out

Check-in Sheets/Check-out Sheets

Medical Records

Confiscated Cell Phones

Fundraising & Grant Writing

Explore long term fundraising plans with Camp Director and other Camp Staff

Write Grants

Do record keeping and reporting for grants

Be part of long-term visioning for capital projects and programming based on fundraising plan

Spiritual Life: Camp Magruder is a ministry of the United Methodist Church but does not limit its ministry to Christians or Christian organizations. We believe in working in partnership with all groups and people who work to make the world better. Being a Christian is not an essential requirement, but we seek staff members who at least have a knowledge and respect for United Methodist theology and practices, and someone who is willing to live and work within a Christian Community, helping serve our mission to share God’s love. The ministry is enhanced by staffers who engage in a regular spiritual life.

Relationships: Camp Bookkeeper works primarily with the other members of the Administrative Team (Camp Director, Program Director, and Reservations Coordinator) to coordinate record-keeping and data entry in a timely fashion. Bookkeeper will also work with any camp staff member authorized to make purchases in order to stay up to date with financial reporting.

Equipment Used: Computer, particularly for spreadsheets and reports. Copy Machine, Cutting Board, Laminating Machine, Postage Equipment and Filing Equipment.


Professional Bookkeeping Experience for an Organization

Post High-School Training in Accounting

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

Proficiency with Spreadsheet Software

Filing Organizational Skills

Ability to work with both Cloud-based Software and Paper documents

A Philosophy of Radical Hospitality

An aptitude and knowledge of the variety of developing financial software & apps

Customer Service Skills

Written and Phone Communication Skills

A love for connecting with people and the healing qualities of nature

Experience in Organizational Finance, particularly with accrual accounting

Experience with non-profit grant writing will boost potential for hiring

Physical Aspects of Job: A large amount of typing and screen time. Small amount of lifting up to 50 pounds (deliveries etc.). Ability to reach upper shelves. Ability to walk length of camp.

Work Flow/Typical Hours: The Accounting portion of the job will generally lend itself to a typical 40 hour work week. Camp Hosting can require a wide range of hours depending on the groups involved. Especially during times of greatest occupancy at camp and the potential of hosting multiple times in a given month, weeks may exceed 40 hours. Because of this, we encourage a balance in the flow of work over the course of a given year for our salaried staff whose hours may fluctuate above 40 hours a week during peak season. Because we ask for flexibility of longer hours during busy season, we seek to offer flexibility with time off during slower seasons or times when time off can be covered. Camp Magruder seeks to evaluate work based on goals accomplished in addition to hours worked, so long as over the course of the year a reasonable average for hours is met and work goals are reached. The Bookkeeper will work with the Camp Director to establish a work flow that works well for both parties and will have the chance to propose various plans for scheduling.

Terms of Service: This is a full-time, year round, exempt, salaried position 

Application Instructions:   Please send a resume with skills and experience pertinent to the Job Description along with email, phone, and physical address. Also, attach a statement of purpose, outlining why you feel drawn to this particular position at Camp Magruder. Contact Camp Director, Troy Taylor at or 503-355-2310. 

Application Deadline:  October 15, 2022

Website:  Camp Magruder - Home