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 Great Plains Camping, Inc. of the Great Plains United Methodist is seeking an experienced camp director with a proven record of leadership, vision, and success.

Great Plains Camps consists of five United Methodist Camps, three in Kansas and two in Nebraska. Collectively we are ‘a place to grow with God in any season’: vibrant Christian camps focused on building intentional Christian Communities through organized summer camps for all ages, year-round retreats, events and activities.

This is a new position, and we are looking forward to the fresh vision of our new director as we join with him or her in seeking new ways to foster spiritual growth and Christian community. Application Instructions:

 The following is our steps of recruitment and timeline. We will strive to have the following tasks completed by the dates in front of each step listed below.

1. September 1 - Advertise the position

2. October 1 - Screen and shortlist candidates

3. October 7-12 - Interview candidates

4. October 12 - Background and reference checks (HR (Susan) conducts background checks before making a job offer)

5. October 14 - Make the decision on which candidate to hire

6. October 15 - Make the offer

7. November 15 - Employee Onboarding

Position Description: Director of Camping Services Great Plains Camps Board of the United Methodist Church

Accountability: The Director of Camping Services directly reports to the Great Plains Camp Board

Job Summary: The Director of Camping Services (DCS) serves as the supervisor of the camping services of the Great Plains Camps, Inc. The incumbent streamlines communication, best practices, policies, procedures, training, and systems to ensure camps operate efficiently and smoothly. In their work, the Director of Camping Services will seek to support a culture where staff and guests feel welcome, supported, and empowered to carry out the mission.

Qualifications: Director of Camping Services shall have, at a minimum, the following qualifications:

1. Be sympathetic with the Christian faith and willing to support the vision and mission of the Great Plains Camps Board, the Annual Conference, and the United Methodist denomination.

2. Possess the special aptitudes, skills, and capacities, which are required in their respective fields of work; • Minimum Bachelor’s degree preferably in education, outdoor education, recreation and/or group work. • 10+ seasons of administrative or supervisory experience in an organized camp • Knowledge and understanding of the ACA standards • Evidence of successful management skills: o Marketing / Strong communication, both written and verbal o Leadership development o Knowledge of budgets - how to read, understand, and interpret o Strong time-management and organizational skills, attention to details o Familiarity with Zoom or other online meeting platforms o Advanced computer skills and experience with online platforms o Proficiency in Microsoft Office, with aptitude to learn new software and systems o Effective communicator

3. Self-starter with demonstrated ability to identify and implement needed improvements to camping systems and services

4. Ability to work with a broad range of different guests and constituents and a strong commitment to demonstrating hospitality and respect for all persons

5. Be able to win and hold the cooperation and goodwill of the people served and serving a. Demonstrate the capacity to learn and to improve abilities

6. The ability to travel to each camp site

Duties and Responsibilities: As Director of Camping Services, the person holding this position shall have leadership responsibilities in the following areas: Vision Mission and Strategy, Accomplishment of Management Objectives, Program Management, Fund Raising and resource development, Fiscal Management, Operations Management, and External Liaison and Public image.

Vision Mission and Strategy

1) Follow “Our Values to Excellence in Ministry” standards and implement those values into GP camps.

2) Works with the GP Camps Board and Camps in establishing policies and long-range planning for GP Camps.

3) Acts as liaison between the GP Camps Board and the GP Camps.

4) Assists in developing on-going strategic planning for GP Camping that meets established objectives and creates connectivity with GP Conference youth ministry and standards.

5) Implements recommendations from GP Camps Board

6) Represents the GP Camp Board, the GP Conference, and the United Methodist denomination and maintains its relationship with kindred organizations in the area Accomplishment of Management Objectives

7) Serves the Great Plains Board as secretary of the Board

8) Ability to meet and perform the responsibilities of a camp director to support current camp directors and step in an interim role as necessary

9) Ultimate responsibility for hiring, training, discipline (up to and including termination) of camp directors while working with the Conference HR Manager a) Meet with Camp Directors at their sites at least four times a year. Program Management

10. Supports the development of new programs and growth of established programs

11. Trains and educates groups (staff and volunteers) how to use our GP Camps as a valuable program resource

12. Assists GP Camps with program curriculum

13. Ensures high quality and safe program opportunities

14. Assists in developing off site program opportunities (such as travel camps) which fit into the purpose and mission of the GP Camps progressive camping operation Effectiveness in Fund Raising and Resource Development

15. Assists with fund raising efforts as needed and directed Fiscal Management

16. Approves and manages budget(s) for key area of responsibilities within the adopted governance structure

17. Operations Management 1) Ultimately responsible for the successful operations of all GP network camps 2) Shares as a member of the total staff of the Conference in the responsibility for the administration of the total Conference. 3) Assist all camps in maintaining or gaining their ACA accreditation 4) Responsible for training, supervising and assessing Site Councils. 5) Meet with Site Councils at least twice a year

18. Oversees membership standards and compliance.

19. Ensures all GP Camps follow Conference Services protocols.

20. Coordinate internal and external resources, and coordinate relationships with camping network vendors.

21. Evaluates all GP Camps in light of Member/Guest satisfaction and the Mission, Objectives, and Membership Standards of the GP Camps and the Conference External Liaison and Public image

22. Promotes use of GP Camps sites to Conference and non-Conference campers including the development of website, audio-visual presentation, camp brochures and newsletters.

Key Performance Indicators

• Customer and member satisfaction

• Safe camps evidenced by incident reports

• Balanced camp budgets

• ACA accreditation for all camps

• Achievement of enrollment targets

• Sound administration of the GP Camps evident in purposeful and coordinated programs, good public relations and understanding, sound financial position and good records.

• The regular enlistment of volunteer leaders in effective committee service, as campaign and volunteer leaders.

• High morale of the employed staff and effective involvement with site council members

• Successful camps based on the individual camp’s Key Performance Indicators 

Application Instructions:  Applicants should electronically provide a cover letter, resume and three references electronically to and

Application Deadline: September 30, 2022, or until position is filled.

Location: Kansas and Nebraska

Website:  Camps (