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 Potosi Pines Camp & Retreat Center

Potosi Pines Camp and Retreat Center is an 85-bed facility situated on 160 acres outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Historically, Potosi has been operated by a camp manger, and then a site director, under the leadership of an executive director from the Desert Southwest Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Master Planning was completed in 2018 to provide guidance for center expansion. 

Potosi Pines Camp & Retreat Director

The following job specifications should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of this position. Personnel will follow other procedural instructions, and perform any other related duties, as may be required, or amended.

Job Summary
Balances efforts among responsibilities including hospitality, administration, maintenance, programming, food service, facilities management, public relations, and health and safety, in order to effectively serve the guests, campers and staff of Potosi Pines and the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church, and those of other groups hosted at the site.  Carries out the policies, procedures and goals identified by the Executive Director; Board of Camping; and the Annual Conference.

General Responsibilities
•    Assumes the essential duties and responsibilities of day-to-day operations

•    Serves as primary host to guest groups.

•    Leads Potosi’s team to administer the site's Risk Management Plan.

•    With the site staff, manages the maintenance of real property on the site.

•    Creates, maintains, and implements administrative and site-specific systems and procedures for operations and facilities, health care, and specialized activities.

•    Ensures compliance with all local, State and Federal standards. Maintains ACA compliance. 

•    Provides program leadership when needed to facilitate camp activities i.e. archery, crafts, low ropes, etc

•    Provides program design assistance and/or leadership for summer camp, winter camps and all Potosi Pines programmed retreats.

Specific Responsibilities

33% Operations

The following tasks are items for which this position is responsible. When other staff are available and knowledgeable these tasks may be delegated accordingly.

1. Water & Waste Treatment System:
•    Maintain Water System & Waste Treatment System in good operating conditions and meet all applicable Standards.
•    Be knowledgeable of and apply all state, federal drinking water standards. Training provided as needed.

2. General Maintenance
•    Conduct and/or oversee the janitorial activities of the camp
•    Prepare facilities for guest groups.
•    Identify safety hazards and corrective actions, perform corrective actions
•    Inspect and make necessary repairs of all facilities and equipment
•    Maintain all ACA standards and required safety logs  

3. Building, grounds, and vehicle maintenance
•    Keep and maintain all camp vehicles in good operating condition
•    Maintain grounds to assure minimal risk of injury to person using camp 
•    Complete monthly reports, logs, and review 
•    Identify additions/modifications to facilities to meet needs
•    Work with outside contractors when necessary
•    Maintain grounds to reduce risk of fire hazard, including but not limited to annual inspections, removal of fire fuel, and conducting drills with user groups.
•    Work with service/volunteer groups

4. Oversee the daily operation including food service, program, business, camper and staff supervision, and health care. 
    Oversee the work of the Assistant Director in management of food service/dining hall and hospitality
    Working alongside the Assistant Director, and volunteer leaders to provide guidance in program design and development
    Secure sufficient coverage in health care staff and their implementation of the health care plan.
    Develop and oversee the business management functions of the camp including financial record keeping, office operations, camp store, etc.
    Oversee the systematic approach to data base management for campers, families, and alumni.
    Work collaboratively with internal and external groups to ensure the enhancement of the camp operation.

33% Hospitality & Administration

As the primary staff person living on site, the Director shall be directly involved with providing high quality hospitality to all guest groups year-round.

1.    Work with Potosi staff for the welfare of all guests.
•    Ensures facilities are clean and in good repair
•    Ensures special requests are accommodated within reason
2.    Provides primary hosting to guest groups throughout the year.
3.    Coordinate with guest groups to provide quality on-site hospitality, positive guest relations, and develop programming as requested.
4.    Coordinate reservations, including talking to prospective guest groups about facility and program requests, answering inquiries, and giving tours of the site.
5.    Coordinate with Office Administrator that all contracts are completed in a timely manner, from initial proposal through to securing agreements, deposits, invoicing and final payments.
6.    Provide necessary staffing for program activities booked for retreat guests.  


1.    Provide supervision of all-season site usage, including facility use, hospitality, and scheduling.
2.    Supervise overall operations management staff (Kitchen, Housekeeping, Maintenance) 
3.    Coordinate and refresh the on-site Camp Store.
4.    Oversee a comprehensive marketing plan that includes communication through the website, email, social media, and print to maintain regular contact with constituents.
5.    Annually develop marketing materials for Desert Southwest Conference Camp and Retreat Ministry opportunities at Potosi, including winter and summer camps, to reach children, families, churches, and communities within the Desert Southwest Conference and beyond.
6.    Work to expand Potosi marketing efforts to children and youth outside existing faith communities.
7.    Alongside the Executive Director, oversee the financial management operations to allow for adequate annual funding and to meet long-term goals. 
a.    In conjunction with the Executive Director, develop and monitor budget for the camp operations.
b.    Work with the DSC Staff team and volunteers to lead and participate in fundraising and development.

33% Program Design & Implementation

The Director will work in conjunction with the Assistant Director and volunteer leaders to to design and implement programming for the Desert Southwest Conference hosted at Potosi Pines. 

1.    The Director will set the schedule and reserve facilities for Desert Southwest Conference summer camp and retreat sessions at Potosi.
2.    Oversee management for program activities offered at Potosi (i.e. Low Ropes Course, Archery, etc.), including the training of staff to accredited standards.
3.    Working with the Assistant Director and volunteer leaders will develop and implement DSC camp and retreat programming including, but not limited to, administration, program design, daily schedule (including concurrent camps), logistics, staffing, and contracts. Programs shall be theologically aligned with the traditions, standards, and mission of The Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church. 
4.    Lead in the recruitment, training, assembling, support, and supervision of both volunteer and paid summer camp staff (e.g. counselors, program leaders, nurses).
5.    Supervise and instruct all program staff, counselors, and counselors-in-training during the summer session, both paid and unpaid. 
6.    Develop, resource, implement, and oversee as requested programming options and/or resources for local church guest groups during non-summer programming.
7.    Develop or coordinate leadership development and training opportunities for youth and young adults, as well as training and support for adult youth leaders.


Required Education & Experience
•    Possesses a firm understanding, belief, and faith in Jesus Christ as understood through United Methodist theology
•    Willing and able to work 60–80-hour weeks during the summer program season and available to work weekends as dictated by retreat and program groups throughout the year.
•    Preferable for the Director to be active in a United Methodist faith community.
•    Preferred that the Director will pursue and obtain certification, with financial support from Potosi Pines, in Camp and Retreat Ministry from the United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries Association.

The Director will be the principal leader provided full-time onsite housing, and as such may be called upon after hours to respond to situations/needs.

Bachelor’s degree or comparable experience in a relevant field.

3-5 years of experience in the camp and retreat setting with expertise in camp management and a general understanding of site and facilities. Willingness to pursue job related continuing education, training, and certification opportunities. 

Qualification Standards
Possess excellent administrative and public relations skills. Must have the ability to prioritize and organize varied/multiple tasks. Excellent time management and organizational skills. Must be able to work independently and take initiative to complete tasks. Knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software. Knowledge of basic plumbing, electrical and maintenance skills and/or willingness to complete training. 

Must possess valid driver license.

Possession of or ability to obtain and maintain:
    CPR Certification
    American Red Cross Standard First Aid (or equivalent) Certification
    Food Handler’s Card 
    Archery Certification

The Executive Director will conduct a review at three- and six-months’ employment, and subsequent annual salary review and evaluation.

This is a full-time, exempt position with a budgeted salary of $45,000, and includes full participation in the United Methodist Church medical and pension plans, on-site housing, and four weeks of paid vacation

Application Instructions:  To apply, send your cover letter and resume to Cat Holbert, Executive Director, at

Application Deadline:  Open until filled

Website:  Potosi Pines | A unique space set aside to encourage all who come here to experience something sacred! (