Run for Board of Directors

UMCRM Directors are elected by camp & retreat ministry peers from their Jurisdiction for 4-year terms, renewable once. Board Member Job Description Learn more about the Board on the About Us page

Serve on a Committee (Education, Development, Member Services, Communications Team)

Committees are chaired by members of the UMCRM Association board, but anyone who aligns with our mission and has time and talents to share may serve on a committee. Committee service is an open-ended (non-term-limited) commitment, but we request that new committee volunteers aim to serve at least two years. Please contact a committee chair (see About Us page) to express your interest.

Serve on a Task Force (Healthy Camps/Treasurers Task Force, Effective Camps Research Task Force, Conference Staff Summit Planning Team)

Task forces work on short-term initiatives of the UMCRM Association and members are recruited for their specific areas of expertise. Contact the Board Chair to indicate specific gifts you’re willing share on a task force. Task forces are chaired by invitation by an Association member, but need not be members of the Board of Directors.

Volunteer for the National Gathering Design Team

Design Team members are recruited by the Event Chair, an appointee of the Board of Directors. [see About Us page for contact info]

Lead a workshop at the National Gathering

Workshops are a gift given to our peers to help raise the bar of excellence for all in camp/retreat ministries. Share from an area of your expertise, about an idea or program that’s working well, or lead a roundtable discussion on a topic important to you. Workshop leaders are selected through an application process. 2019 National Gathering Workshop Application

Volunteer at the National Gathering

All hands needed on deck! From airport greeter to tech support, donate half an hour, a couple of hours, a day or more to help make the Gathering happen. Contact the Event Chair or Volunteers Coordinator to express interest in serving. [learn more on National Gathering page]

Volunteer at Relation:Shift, the OMC Great Gathering

Volunteers are needed from all participating denominations. Contact UMCRM representatives Mike Huber or Daphne Orr to express interest in serving.

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