Collaborations and Partnerships


The American Camp Association offers 15% discount on accreditation fees for UMCRM camps, and 50% discount on fees for any newly-accredited UMCRM camp, starting in October 2015. UMCRM will administer annual renewals and pay fees to ACA in a single check. Both organizations will seek to promote accreditation and ACA membership among UMCRM camps. This program serves any UMC-affiliated camp, program, or center, regardless of membership status with UMCRM. UMCRM will request a donation of 5% of ACA fees for administration of this program.

ACA-RAC (American Camp Association-Religiously Affiliated Camps) Council

The Executive Committee appoints a representative, who does not necessarily need to be a member of the Board, but who must maintain membership in the UMCRM Association, ACA, and RAC. UMCRM will reimburse travel expenses for one meeting annually. Representative provides a report annually, and shares relevant information on an ongoing basis.
UMCRM currently does not have a representative in this role.

Curriculum: Christian Board of Publishing/Chalice Press

For many years United Methodists have collaborated with other mainline denominational partners in producing and endorsing curriculum for Christian summer camps. The development process, formats, and participant groups/partners have changed over the years. Currently the Church of the Brethren, PCCCA (Presbyterian USA), and United Church of Christ are the major partners in addition to UMCRM. The current product series is “InsideOut: Christian Resources for Outdoor Ministries,” offered as DVD-ROM. See more at UMCRM sends a representative annually to assist with development of themes and scriptures for the curriculum. The Editor (an employee of Chalice) selects the writers and sees the development process through to completion. David Berkey has been our primary contact with this group. Other UMCRM members have been involved over the years as writers and reviewers.

Discipleship Ministries

The United Methodist Church’s Discipleship Ministries (formerly the General Board of Discipleship, GBOD) has as its goal to equip the church to make world-changing disciples. The agency currently employs a Director to relate to Camp and Retreat Ministries: Kevin Witt. Kevin serves as an ex-officio member of the UMCRM Association Board and his mission and goals overlap significantly with ours. Kevin provides significant support to UMC Camp & Retreat Ministries through resourcing, training, and communications. Kevin manages the Camp & Retreat Leaders e-Network (CRLN), a large email network connecting faith-based camp ministry leaders for information sharing and mutual support. It is open to anyone from any faith tradition. In collaboration with the Discipleship Ministries staff person, UMCRM has access to WebEx technology, and together we develop a slate of topics and provide leadership for educational webinars benefiting camp and retreat ministry leaders.

Outdoor Ministries Connection (OMC)

This “association of associations” is the informal successor body to the National Council of Churches Committee on Outdoor Ministries (NCC-COM). The ecumenical partnership among camp ministry leaders from mainline denominational associations currently includes the Presbyterian Church Camp & Conference Association (PCCCA), Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM), United Church of Christ Outdoor Ministries Association (OMA), Church of the Brethren (OMA), Episcopal Camps & Conference Centers (ECCC), and us. The UMCRM Executive Committee appoints two representatives, who do not necessarily need to be members of the Board, but who must maintain membership in the UMCRM Association.

Sustainable Pathways Planning Team

An informal collaboration comprised of representatives from Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association (PCCCA) and from UMCRM, planning a series of workshops related to promoting sustainability in camp and retreat ministries. UMCRM is an endorsing agency. Seed funds for specific events are considered on a case-by-case basis. Courses have been offered in Board Governance, Sustainable Finance, and other topics.

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