We plan to offer a wide variety of workshops for camp and retreat ministry leaders serving in many different roles, for those new to this ministry as well as seasoned professionals. We give thanks for the many colleagues and Association partners who willingly volunteer to share their expertise with the community. We can't wait to explore and learn with you! 

If you've never led a workshop before but have an idea or area of expertise you'd like to present, reach out to Hope Montgomery, Workshops Chair for support and guidance. The most amazing presenters all were first-timers once. 

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Workshop Focus Areas

Workshop sessions are 75 minutes long. When planning a workshop, we ask that you select a focus area that best fits your session proposal. Thank you for helping us ensure that a variety of offerings will meet the needs of different staff roles, site operation modes, site sizes, and learning interests of conference attendees.

Professional Development: 

Sessions in this area address the professional skills in which camp and retreat leaders need experience including: finance, facilities, human resources, office administration, technology, marketing, strategic planning, site development, fundraising, board management, trends in camping, and more.

Maintenance and Facilities: 

Sessions in this area cover facility management, sustainability, equipment maintenance, safety protocols, and other topics for maintenance and operations personnel. When possible, we hope for these workshops to have hands on and practical tools and tips presented. 

Housekeeping Services: 

Sessions in this area focus on housekeeping excellence, covering best practices for cleanliness, organization, and guest satisfaction. Share strategies to streamline the workflow, gain efficiency, and how to stay healthy doing so.

Food Services: 

Sessions in this area explore the art and science of food services, from menu planning and dietary considerations to kitchen management and meal presentation. Gain insights to elevate your camp's dining experience and meet the diverse needs of campers and guests.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion):

Sessions in this track are specifically designed to explore and enhance your site's understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizational and community settings, providing practical strategies for fostering inclusive environments and promoting equitable practices. 

Program Resources: 

Sessions in this area focus on enriching camp programs, covering creative activity planning, camper engagement strategies, and program evaluation techniques. Learn to design memorable experiences that inspire, educate, and entertain campers of all ages.

Personal Growth and Self-Care:  

Sessions in this area are designed to directly benefit the person attending the conference with education and best practices for personal care in the workplace and daily life. Some sessions in this area may include self-care practices that attendees can enjoy during our time together.

Faith Formation: 

Sessions in this area are focused on the faith formation practices that are present in our on-site operations including programming, staff development, and all other aspects of operating a faith-based camp and retreat ministry. 

Retreat Ministry: 

Sessions in this area are intentionally geared towards the nuts and bolts of retreats, programmed events, and conferences. These sessions might include how to organize the logistics of hosting multiple groups, planning efficiency, and philosophies that guide your work. 

Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Workshops!