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2023 National Gathering Evaluation

Tuesday 10:30

  • Capstone Presentations - Jonathan Gowan and Jessi Persson
  • Meaningful Retreat Ministries for Older Adults - Lisa Jean Hoefner
  • Getting Things Done with AmeriCorps by Your Side - Tamika Eatmon
  • You Don't Need More Self-Discipline, You Need a Habit - Jack Shitama
  • Fundraising 101 - A Primer on What Works in the Real World - Jeff Wadley
  • Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability: Cleaning Up Messy Relationships for More Sustainable Ministry - Melinda Trotti
  • Give a Kid Worship, They Learn; Have a Kid Lead Worship, They Grow -  Mykela Bricka
  • Effective Camps Research, Sacred Playgrounds - Jake Sorenson

Tuesday 2:30

  • Recruit • Retain • Grow | Are You Marketing Effectively? - Carter Blend
  • Methodist Theology and History of Race - Jenna Johnson and Jessica Gamaché
  • Giving from All the Pockets - Ken Sloane
  • Introduction to SoulCollage®: Wisdom from Within - Sarah Ratz & Cat Holbert
  • Mic Check, 1, 2… - Anthony Gomez
  • A New Culture of Hospitality - Becky Kilian
  • Boss or Balm?: Leading Young Adult Staff - David Berkey
  • Moving Towards Farm to Table Food Service - Nick Jeffries

Tuesday 4:00

  • Connecting Camping/Retreat (Transformative) Discipleship with Church (Formative) Discipleship - Kevin Johnson
  • Nonprofit Management "101" - Jessica Gamaché
  • Hospitality in a Camp Setting: What Tourist Destinations WON’T Tell You - Kayla Hardage
  • Expand Your Retreat Ministry Through Christian Travel - Ann Emerson & Jamie Armstrong
  • Where Do I Go From Here?: Career Development for Any Stage of Camp Professional - Arthur Spriggs
  • Applying Creativity at Camp - Beatrice Barnett
  • Building Intentionally Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Camp Communities - Whitney Winston and Haleigh Davis

Wednesday 9:30

  • Telling Your Staff’s Story will Increase Giving to the Ministry- Mitzie Schafer
  • Introduction to the UMCRM Anti-Racism Guidebook- Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ILG (Jenna Johnson, Todd Bartlett, Melinda Trotti)

Wednesday 2:30

  • Why Monthly Donors are Better than Annual Fundraising Events - Mitzie Schafer
  • Making a Curriculum Yours - Troy Taylor
  • Creating a Narrative Budget The Story Behind the Numbers - Ken Sloane
  • Camp Staff! Know Thyself!- Cat Holbert & Sarah Ratz
  • Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!: A No-Fear Depreciation Recovery Model - Jeff Wadley
  • Community Organizing as a Model for Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Camp and Retreat Ministries - Melinda Trotti
  • Tools and Tips for Making your Camp and Retreat Center Accessible for Everyone - Lynn Swedberg

Thursday 10:15

  • Your Dependency on Conference Funding  - Mitzie Schafer
  • Being the Bridge in Today's UMC - Jessica Gamaché
  • Family and Ministry: Finding the (Im)Perfect Balance - Jonathan Gowan
  • Ask with Confidence: How to Approach and Solicit High Net Worth Individuals for Large Gifts - Mark Duncan
  • 15 Ideas to Increase Your Summer Staff Retention - James Tresner
  • Doing the Tough Stuff Well: Supervision, Discipline, and Termination - Melinda Trotti
  • Multicultural Urban Camp Dynamics: “Escaping the Noise” - Contreda Navarro-Jewell & Shirlee Beasley
  • Designing Sensory-friendly Spaces at Your Camp - Lynn Swedberg & Audrey LeSage

Thursday  2:30 

  • Safe Sanctuaries Update: Nurturing Trust Within Camping and Retreat Communities - Kevin Johnson
  • All the Hacks: A Productivity Deep Dive  - Jack Shitama
  • Whose Land is it Anyway? - Todd Bartlett
  • The Small Session of Trust - Cat Holbert
  • Camp Song Share Roundtable - Jen Burch & the Community
  • Going from Nature Hike to Creation Exploration - Jeff Wilson
  • "Brand" New: Re-branding in an Age of "Nones" and Denominational Uncertainty - David Berkey