Online Training Resource For Summer Camp Volunteers

Volunteer Deans or Directors and cabin counselors are central to the camp experience at many UMC sites, but it can be a challenge for them to be trained in all aspects of camp leadership in a short amount of time. The Volunteer Training resource developed by experienced leaders from our UMCRM community is meant to meet this need. If you have late-hired counselors who were not able to attend all of staff training, this resource can also assist in getting them up to speed in several key content areas.

Learning modules:

  • Faith Formation (with Rev. Kevin Witt)

  • Worship Planning (with Rev. Todd Bartlett and Troy Taylor)

  • Small Group / Bible Study Facilitation (with Hope Montgomery)

  • Boundaries (with Kelly Peterson)

  • Duty of Care (with Rev. Jack Shitama)

  • Camper Behavior (with Cat Holbert)

A one-time $150 purchase provides unlimited access to the learning videos and supplemental resource materials. 100% of the proceeds goes toward the UMCRM Legacy of Leadership Fund, which provides continuing education scholarships to UM camp and retreat leaders! 

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