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Let's Grow Together! Take your leadership to the next level by tapping into a supportive network of like-minded colleagues and friends. The 2021-2022 season of UMCRM Intentional Leadership Groups (ILGs) are intended to help you find inspiration and progress through connection with others who are seeking to grow in similar areas. This year, ILGs will meet as open discussion cohorts; convened by an individual, but guided by the group as a whole. ILG cohorts typically meet once a month for 9 months; September through May (unless otherwise indicated).
In a time of constant change, when adaptive leadership is utilized every day, this model of open discussion cohorts will allow you and your group to discuss the topics that are relevant to you.
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UMCRM is unique among outdoor ministry associations because of our approach to our work. This association IS its members. Nearly every resource and opportunity is created by member-volunteers. We are better camp and retreat leaders because we choose to grow together, contribute to, and gain value from one another. You're invited to be a part of it!

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