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Giving to UMCRM in 2023 far surpassed all previous years. Your support is inspiring. Thank you, donors! Keep an eye out for the full story in the 2023 Annual Impact Report, available in late January.

Year-End Contributions to UMCRM Will Go Twice As Far

We're thrilled to present an incredible opportunity for our community to make a meaningful impact! Thanks to a generous challenge from a group of Legacy of Leadership Award recipients, a $5,000 match is underway for gifts from individuals like you. As of this posting, we are already more than halfway to that goal.

But that's not all – a $10,000 matching challenge for gifts from camp and retreat organizations is also underway! Picture this: every dollar you contribute this month is a catalyst for deeper ministry support. Whether it's $25, $200, $500, or even $1,000 or more, your gift sparks a chain reaction of transformative leadership in UMC Camp & Retreat Ministry. Together, let's build a lasting legacy of positive change.

To the UMCRM Association, your giving means so much more than reaching an end-of-year goal; it's about amplifying the positive ripples we can create together. Your financial support in the coming weeks multiplies the joy, hope, and leadership we are nurturing for tomorrow. Won't you join us in seizing this incredible opportunity?  Donate today!