"Deep Connections"

One would think after spending more than a decade as a camper, summer staffer, and Program Director at Sky Lake, that Matt Williams would be ready to take on the role of Site Director. However, after accepting the position he quickly realized that his college education and past work experiences did not fully prepare him for his new responsibilities. Matt knew that to successfully lead Sky Lake, he was going to need to grow both hard skills and supportive collegial connections. Matt’s predecessor understood the importance of connecting with UMCRM and encouraged him to attend the UMCRM National Gathering that year. That Gathering is where Matt learned about the newly redesigned Certification Program.

Through the Certification Program, he developed the skills and knowledge base to lead Sky Lake effectively in its mission. Matt has started new programs, nurtured new relationships, and grown the ministry that he leads because of what he has learned through his involvement with UMCRM initiatives. But as he says, “Building relationships was even more important than the content. I would never have made such deep connections with Collin, Emily, and others if it weren’t for the Immersion Experience. Real change happens in these intimate settings and events.”

Through UMCRM initiatives like the Certification Program, Matt developed the skills that were missing when he first became a Director. Now it is the deep connections formed through Immersion that continue to bring him the confidence and support that help sustain him as a leader in ministry. Today, Matt chooses to support UMCRM with a monthly recurring gift. He knows that his gift is helping others like him have access to the knowledge and peer relationships that UMCRM provides.